Bokura Ha Mou Shindeiru Photobook


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by Johannes Reinhart 

Hardcover, 30 Pages, 33 B&W photographs, 30cm x 22cm

Beautifully printed by MomentoPro, Australia’s finest on-demand book service.

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Introducing my new photobook: BOKURA HA MOU SHINDEIRU which translates into ‘In the grand scheme of time we are all already dead’

The work deals with the fragility of life and my own exploration into how short our time on this planet is.

In this book, I confront my inner world by documenting the outside world of Japan, where I spent two weeks in 2018. It was at a time in my life where my thoughts were occupied with the realisation that I may have already lived half my life. This highlights that we only have one precious life and in the end, nothing really matters.

Coming to terms with the knowledge that: ‘In the big scheme of time, we are all already dead’, I navigate between the dark and the light, reflecting on the fragility of life.

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