Do you want to level up your photography?

If you’re looking to refine your photography and visual style, or push your potential as a photographer further, then you might like to join me in an exclusive one-on-one workshop that’s been designed especially for you.  You’ll be fully supported, guided and mentored during the session and will have unrestricted access to over 18 years of photographic experience and knowledge. Plus my passion is infectious and I love helping people become better photographers.

Flyer image for customized photogrpahy workshops in Perth, Australia
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Flyer image for customized photogrpahy workshops in Perth, Australia
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INSPIRIEREN – The ultimate One-on-One. Designed to answer any of your photographic questions, whether it be about photography, post processing, camera technique, brainstorming your thought process, editing and sequencing, wedding photography… you name it and I will help you with my comprehensive knowledge that I have acquired for the last two decades.
Like all of my one-on-one workshops, the beauty of is that they are tailored to your needs, and I am more than happy to work with you to make sure that we maximize both your learning and the value you gain from the INSPIRE sessions.


One on One Session details

Location:  Doubleview, Perth, Australia
Duration:  3 hours
Instructor:  Johannes Reinhart
Cost:  $550


All workshops are customised per your wishes. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at the below examples and mix and match to create the perfect One-on-One workshop for you.

find your vision as a photographer to learn photography


How about learning to find and express your very own vision as a photographer? Weltanschauung is a workshop that is devoted to helping you find and develop your very “visual voice”.
We will work closely together, examine your photographic goals, and review your portfolio. We’ll then look at how you can develop your own “style” in photography and refine your creative thinking and shooting techniques to achieve this.
You’ll be asked to reflect on and challenge your own thoughts and philosophies about photography. You’ll develop the ability to articulate your vision and photographic approach, and work towards the production of authentic works.

advanced photography tips to learn new skills as a photographer


Learn to improve your ability to “see” in Fingerspitzengefühl – a workshop dedicated to better your skills as a photographer. Whether you shoot documentary, street, landscapes, portraits or a combination of these, I will show you how to tame your camera and learn how to use your camera but think as a creative! You’ll discover how your camera sees light differently and learn to work more effectively with natural light.

learn lightroom and photoshop workflow to be a better photographer


Developing and cultivating an efficient workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop can help improve your efficiency as a photographer. I can show you how you can get the maximum out the software as a photographer. Industry best practices and approaches to post-production workflow, as well as a host of tips and techniques that can make your editing and workflow a great deal more efficient and harmonious. We’ll work together to find the perfect workflow that works for you!

Flyer image for photoshop course in Perth, Australia


Designed to take out the fear of Photoshop and knowing where to start and how you can quickly and easily polish up your photos. No matter, if you just get started or are already proficient with the program. You are sure to pick up some valuable tips on Photoshop Zauberei (wizardry). Refining selection, masking, curves, compositing… you name it and I will help you to tame the beast that is Photoshop, so you can be more confident on your next project.

how to improve my photo printing skills and learn colour management


Or how about an epic printing one on one workshop, that will show you how to post process for printing, including colour profiling, and how you can get the most out of your images for printing! You’ll learn the key techniques in preparing your image, along with important considerations when working with colour and monochrome for printing. Bring your images for printing and we’ll work on them together as I show you the magic of the photographic print!

photographic business mentoring workshops


If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a professional photographer or thinking of setting up a photography business, then Luftschloss will equip you with the thinking, actions, processes and behaviors that will help you make the dream a reality.
I’ll share my over 18 years of experience as a professional photographer with you, and assist you in developing your business philosophy, voice, plan, pricing and targets. Just book the INSPIRIEREN One on One workshop to get started on achieving your goals.

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